The New Slave Ship: A Ship That Does Not Sail

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The New Slave Ship: This book is a true account of a Black male who was framed by two officers of the law. His arrest led him to become the first victim in Madera County, California, under the Three Strikes Mandatory Sentencing Law.

The author reveals the extent to which bounty hunters will go to get Black men away from society. Melvin Farmer holds the distinction of being the first Three Strikes victim to be released from a California State Prison on reversal.

The author reveals the cold reality of the prison industry. Does American really want to put an end to crime? Are prisons built to control criminals or to control and perpetuate wealth for large corporations and politicians? You will learn: what really goes on inside the prison walls. Who really profits from crime? Who are the real criminals?

You will be shocked as you learn of the plot to eliminate Black men by any means necessary, even, the so-called "upper class" and the "elite" Black men. Don't be fooled, don't be shocked and don't be misled. What you don't know can cost you your life. The author explains the real purpose behind the Three Strikes Law. All parents must read this book.