Man, God, and Civilization By John G. Jackson

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“Nearly all the so-called world histories and histories of civilization, so popular in contemporary academic circles, are based mainly on what is known as European civilization,” says John G. Jackson, “ this species f parochialism gives a false picture of human history; and few student become aware of the fact that European Civilization, speaking historically, is a product of the recent past, and that European culture was not indigenous, but was derived from other civilizations of Africa and Asia.” In setting history straights, the author has explored a wealth of ancient and classical as well as contemporary literature. From 276 sources, ranging from Diodorus Siculus and Herodotus to Robert Briffault, Sir E.A. Budge, Chrarles Darwin, W.E.B DuBois, Sir James George Frazer, Joseph McCabe, Lewis Henry Morgan, Bertrand Russell, Lewis Spence, and H.G. Wells, Jackson has drawn some soundly documented, often iconoclastic conclusions. Man, God and Civilization is a fascinating primer in geology, archaeology, biology and sociology, as well as a sophisticated anthropological study. To every Student of man’s nature and history, it offers a wealth of controversial, provocative material derived from authoritative sources and solid scholarship.