Captain Africa: The Battle for Egyptica

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Enter the exciting and futuristic world of Africa, technologically advanced and economically powerful, and meet her newest nemesis, the dark lord, Terror Supreme! For years he has been trying to rob the land of her immeasurable resources and the people of their minds, but there has always been a thorn in his side, constantly stopping him in his tracks... a thorn called Captain Africa!

Angry, desperate and power hungry, Terror Supreme has devised a weapon with a destructive force of such magnitude that it could wipe out the entire population of Africa and the entire world within hours! The bad news is, he's planning on launching it... NOW!

Armed with the power oft he Black Flame, mastery of the African martial art of Kupigani Ngumi, and the genius of his ancestors, Prince Najee M'witu prepares to don his battle armor and face off with Terror Supreme head-to-head! And Terror Supreme is waiting for him! Get ready for the ride of your life...