Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act

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The Biggest Problem in Black America isn't crime, drugs, poverty, or inferior schools; it's the 
BLACK GENDER WAR between the Black Male and Female.

Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act exposes the SECRET WAR that has been waged against the Black man and woman for over 500 years by America's power-elite-- and HOW they benefit from our destruction.

13 Recipes for Black Gender Wars lays bare the manufactured confusion, conflicts, myths, and deceptions that are ripping black male and female relationships apart - and what WE MUST DO to neutralize the damage.

INCLUDES: What Are Black Gender Wars * The Interracial Con Game * Do Blacks Deserve Reparations * The Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome * Six Reasons Black Females Are Degraded * Straight Talk About Nappy Hair * Did Africans Sell Blacks Into Slavery * Omar Thornton Should Be A Wake-Up Call For Black America * Six Reasons Black Males Are Demonized * Why Black Female Entertainers MUST Wear Weaves That Look Like Weaves * The Curse Of Black Skin And White Eyes * Willie Lynch Notwithstanding * What If Whites Had No Power Over Blacks * and more...

This politically-incorrect book reveals the most critical challenges facing blacks in America, and provides a blueprint for healing our relationships to ensure our economic and genetic survival.