A Glorious Age in Africa: The Story of 3 Great African Empires

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Did you know...that during Europe's "Dark Ages," three great African empires provided the main advance of human knowledge? That Timbuktu was once of the greatest centers of learning in the world?

Did you know...that on separate pilgrimages to Mecca, two African emperors dispensed more than ten million dollars apiece in charity? That another emperor used a thirty pound gold nugget as a hitching post?

Did you know..that until the invention of firearms the mighty African warriors of the Sudan were never conquered?

This book reveals the magnificent history and heritage of Africa, destroying, once and for all, the centuries-old, still lingering myth that Africa "was a continent without history." Here is a fascinating account of the Africans from the 8th to the16th century, highlighted by the successive rise of three Sudanese empires that at their height were the equal of any contemporary civilization in Europe or Asia.